“Suminagashi” is a traditional Japanese art, whose history spans over a thousand years. It is believed that “Suminagashi” finds its origin in an old game played at the Japanese Imperial Court as early as 9th century, where the drops of the Chinese ink “Sumi” on to the surface of a river would be transformed by the river flow “Nagashi” into various patterns,thus bringing particularenjoyment to the players.The patterns of “Suminagashi” are created by chance, with only subtle control over where the ink is dropped, and how the wind is sent. Therefore, only one of a kind patterns are created, and they can never be repeated again. Toether with the drops of black ink the stream of the river takes away the hardships of our lives.
‘Kuro’ is ‘black’ in Japanese and ‘Kurou’ is ‘hardship’